Don’t Close the Door on the Open House

There are some agents that I have talked to that just do not think open houses are worth having anymore. When I hear agents talking like this I think about the open houses I’ve had and one in particular.  A buyer came into an open house that I was hosting  in Lindenwald the buyer got there at the beginning spent 20minuets looking at the house  and the buyer’s agent called me with an offer before the open house was over.  This is not something that happens all the time but having an open house can help sellers.  Here are some benefits that come with having open houses:     

Sellers have time to prepare the house for showing: 

Sellers that are still occupying the property might need to rush to get the house ready for a quick showing.  The open house allows the sellers time to get the house ready and looking its best. Sellers have time to light some scented candles, play some light music and maybe even bake some cookies.  There are also sellers that are currently renting their home out and need to give there tenants plenty of notice before showing the home.  Even a vacant house can benefit from an open house.  A seller with an vacant property (that still has the utilities on) has plenty of time get the house as cool or warm as needed.

“Drive Buys”:

Buyers that are at other schedule showings or open houses in the area may stop by to take a look at your home. Last week I had an open house in Colerain Twp. and a couple arrived near the end.  They told me that they were at another open house down the road and were on their way home when they saw my direction signs leading to my open house.  They had been looking for a while and liked my listing better than any of the properties they have seen so far. 

Crowded house:

Unlike a scheduled showing, an open house can give you the opportunity to have more then one potential buyer at the same time.  If this happens you can get a buyer that might rush in a offer because they think one of the other guests were interested in buying the property.  The buyer is also more likely to write his best offer.    

More feedback:

The people that come to your open house may not write you an offer but you can get a great idea of what people in the area are looking for in a home.  This can help you with choosing things to highlight about your home.  These same people can also give you there opinion on the price.  As an agent that has had many different open houses in areas such as Fairfield and Hamilton I can tell you that the feedback I have gotten from  people attending the open houses has been more helpful than feedback from other agents.

If you have a couple of open houses and no one shows… don’t give up.  There are all sorts of ways you can draw people to an open house.  An agent I work with in the Fairfield office had a haunted open house where she invited all the ghosts and goblins.  You don’t have to start getting ready for a super bowl open house just yet, but you should get the  sign and directionals out and get ready.